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I should coco!!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Coconut water is often associated with improved hydration, which in some regards, has earned it a reputation as something of a ‘post-workout go-to’!

As for the truth behind this theory, and whether our new home-workout habits warrant stocking up on Marks & Spencers’ in-shell finest ... it’s open to some debate.

Yes, there is evidence that coconut water does help in replenishing electrolytes lost during intense workouts, which might make it a useful aid in fighting fatigue.

However, coconut water is only necessarily as good as the next potassium-rich food or drink, so it’s not necessarily the recovery tonic it’s sometimes purported to be.

Another concern, especially for athletes, and those partial to endurance training, is that coconut water doesn’t necessarily go very far towards replacing lost is sodium.

If there is one thing you can’t argue with, though, it’s that coconut water is definitely delicious, and there’s something wonderfully holiday-esque about drinking straight from the shell - an incentive in itself with the currency of sun, sea and sand at a premium.

On National Coconut Day, or actually any day for that matter, coconut water is THE choice for when you fancy something a bit different to water, without compromising hydration.

After a run, or on-the-run, this is plastic-free drink convenience... with a side of sunshine!

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