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‘Ice tea is the delicious alternative to a hot brew that we’ve been waiting for the excuse to enjoy’

If the warmer weather has taken some of the appeal out of those steaming mugs of tea, that not so long ago were your go-to for getting through the day.. then you’re not alone!

Such is the power of an impending summer, that now feels like a fitting time to dial down the heat with a nice refreshing ice tea instead!

Ice tea is the delicious, cooling alternative to a standard brew that we’ve long been waiting for the excuse to enjoy... and now it’s finally here!

When sunshine and blue skies meet tea-o-clock, it’s all about the pineapple & passion fruit cooler... with extra ice! Luckily, thanks for tea brand Hyleys, it’s never been easier - or tastier - to get on board the trend.

Hyleys Tea specialise in the finest quality teas, including traditional and classic black & green tea, as well as specialty fruit and herb flavoured blends, which guarantee a brew to suit every taste... and season.

For the perfect ice tea, brew your favourite blend in a tea maker, sweeten to taste, then allow to cool before serving with ice and fresh fruit.

This International Tea Day, this fruity and deliciously different thirst-quencher is helping put the ‘chilled’ into our tea breaks...and the sweetness into enjoying them in the sunshine!

Sponsored by Hyleys Tea

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