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If Friday was a piece of art, it would probably be this!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021


If Friday was a piece of art, it would probably be this!

In a somewhat curious turn of events, what was probably our younger selves’ ultimate social nightmare (sitting alone in a bar), is now, with the benefit of advancing years…the stuff that dreams are made of!!!

It’s a luxury captured perfectly, in those five, precious minutes of aloneness that we sometimes find ourselves faced with, when waiting for a running-late Friday night drinks date to arrive!

Once upon a time, those five minutes might have seemed an eternity. Now, they’re almost welcomed for every second of opportunity they offer to sit, sip, and savour the joy of people watching, and meticulously counting the legs on a glass of red!

These are the little luxuries, that only a friend’s tardiness can bestow on our otherwise rush-rush lives!

In these moments, not a second thought is given to those no-mates-mind-ramblings of our younger self-conscious selves, with no f’s given whatsoever, as to what our blatant aloneness might suggest about our popularity, or friend count.

Art is, of course, subjective, and while to some this might just be a slightly comedic bunny with a glass of red… to anyone who can relate to the above, it’s a pure mood!

The only irony of THIS having been such a stand-out art moment, in a lifetime’s worth of creative consumption, is that it’s located in the ladies room. In a local bar.

Sitting alone in a bar might no longer be the anxiety-inducing no-no it once was, but what it is, is a moment to be drunk in, and not skirted over with the feigned ‘busyness’ of burying our head in the gram! #theirony

📸 @boathouseboulterslock

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