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International Day of Happiness: ‘The little luxuries are EVERYTHING!’

In the last year, our ‘happy place’ has become our every space....blurring the lines between work, social and personal in a way never experienced before.

This rise of the ‘blended space’ has been bitter sweet, creating a combination of gratitude and comfort, mixed with frustration and confusion as to what ‘mode’ we should be in and when.

From work mode, to workout mode... it’s all pretty much one and the same, let’s be honest!

That’s why, on International Day of Happiness, we’re grateful for the little luxuries to stem from this otherwise mish-mashed lifestyle.

In particular, the fact that we need only one ‘uniform’, now, to take us from desk, to couch, to mat.

It’s a simplicity that cultivates happiness in it's richest, stretchy-waistbanded, can’t-imagine-wearing-jeans-again form - something that only legging fans will understand!

Leggings, at this time, have a definite symbolic meaning, and reflect not just how we’re feeling, but how we want to feel! When we want to feel a notch-up from our loungewear-wearing selves, Yoga Leggs are there with their high waisted, long length, lightweight, silky soft and super comfortable designs.

Made of sports performance fabric, they are quick-drying and there’s no need to iron them, making them the perfect for both lounging AND lunging!

Granted, the joy might be starting to run dry in these final weeks of mandated homeliness, but if there's one way to try and make the best of this final stretch - a leopard-printed leg up in confidence and comfort might just be it!

Sponsored by Yoga Leggs #ad

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