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It’s all going swimmingly!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

When on holiday, I do my upmost to take most things…less seriously.

Call it the annual triumph of ‘anything goes’, over and above the more structured and habitual framework of workaday life.

That said, there is ONE small yet significant exception to this one unwritten ‘out of office’ rule.

That is… swimming!

Swimming - I take pretty seriously, and not just because it’s THE best way to dose up on 'Vitamin Scenery' (the palm trees, the blue sky… the sun-drenched vista), free from the bane of tech-shaped distractions.

Without a doubt, the feel-good incentives that underpin my daily laps of the hotel pool, are as much rooted in the movement…as they are in unmistakable alchemy of those turquoise waters.

For this reason, ‘swim time’ is the one part of the day when a bikini - with all its strap-tangling stresses.. it just doesn’t cut it!

Instead, changing into a Zoggs swimming costume has become a non-negotiable when it comes to switching between wind-down…and workout mode.

Designed with a range of coverage and support features, their swimming costumes are made with quick drying fabric with built in UPF50+ sun protection, to ensure that there’s no forgoing style or sun safety in the name of fitness functionality.

Zoggs costumes are also made from an innovative Ecolast™ fabric (made with recycled plastic bottles) which offers 4X greater fabric compression than traditional generic swimwear fabrics, and is highly chlorine resistant.

If, like me, your perfect holiday juxtaposes equal parts snoozing…and moving, then you’ll understand how important these details are in avoiding any swim-spoiling 'costume dramas', and also why ensuring your poolside wardrobe is on point, is worth going great lengths for.

For 20% discount in Zoggs swimwear use code POOL20*

*Code valid until 16th July 2023.

Sponsored by Zoggs

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