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JAR OF HEARTS: Meet the smoothie styling hack that’s got us all dusting off our blenders!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

We’ve long peddled the virtues of a morning smoothie, and even more so after spotting this snazzy styling hack (thanks @unbeelievablehealth)!

In the name of ‘good mood food’, what could be easier than lining a jar with ‘nana hearts? (Yes... this is really what it’s come to!)

Presentation aside.. blending up your favourite frozen fruit with yoghurt, seeds and oats still has all the makings of one of the most positive starts to the day’s nutrition. Luckily, it also doubles up as a refreshing kick-start when our morning motivation is slow off the mark!

So there you have it... some breakfast inspo of smile-making, vitamin-C-boosting proportions to savour... to your heart’s content!! 💓♥️💓🍌🍌

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