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JEANS…It’s not you. It’s me!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

There comes a time, maybe not in everybody’s life, but certainly in mine, where jeans go from being a fashion failsafe …to a downright pain in the proverbial.

The reasons for this fall from everyday-wear grace are likely many, but if there’s one thing we can be in no doubt of, it’s that lockdowns all but accelerated the descent!

Of course, there’ll be many who stand by their trusty stonewashed skinnies, but for those who HAVE woken up to the wonders of being able to sit down and NOT feel like your insides are being suffocated by a denim lasso, there’s no going back!

Clothing brands will, of course, always try to persuade us back into the ‘Jean pool’ with sweet nothings of ‘super stretch’ and ‘hidden flex’, but even then, the jean-wearing experience just somehow doesn’t sit right - literally!

The conclusion?

All the elastane in the world - does not a ‘trusty’ pair of jeans make!

Fresh from this realisation - that me and Levi - we’re just not going to work out, there’s an unshakable feeling of ‘what now!?’ for the personal style in which so much identity is often folded.

Luckily, though, when one *wardrobe* door closes, another one surely opens!

We can’t say categorically, that we won’t miss the halcyon jeans-and-jumper days, before our midriff forged an opinion!

What’s LESS likely to have us gravitating back to the Gap any time soon, however, is remembering just how much sitting, slouching and three-course-meal-eating freedom the jean-free life affords us - an incentive that by all accounts, needs no dressing up!

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