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JUMPER FOR JOY! ‘Enthusiasm is now hotting up for ‘jumper season’, and all that it represents’

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

One of the best bits about this time of year, without a doubt, has to be the excuse that it gives to dig out the jumpers and bundle up in layers of pure knitted joy!!

Such is the novelty of sweater season, that every day is a new opportunity to not only indulge our love of all things soft and cosy, but moreover to reap the rewards of the ‘hygge life’ that is so widely recognised for its wellness benefits!

One of the major aspects of hygge - which roughly translates as the pursuit of ‘cosy’ - is dressing in such a way that makes our skin sing with warmth, freedom and comfort!

This in mind, it’s no wonder enthusiasm is now hotting up for ‘jumper season’, and all that it represents.

For fashion, and the ‘feel-good’ factor, the ‘security sweater’ might just be this season’s hottest fashion item... both for staving off the shivers, and for good health!

Who agrees! 🙋‍♀️

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