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Jumping on the BAND Wagon

Thanks to the recent advent of home workouts, resitance bands are enjoying a new found acclaim in the ranks of fitness and wellbeing.

By offering a whole-body workout, resistance bands are not only an effective go-to for general fitness and toning. They are also a cost-effective alternative to the gym, and can be used even with limited space, making them ideal for bridging some of the most common gaps to regular exercise.

Championing the case for resistance bands in everyday mainstream fitness, are JEK Resistance Bandz, whose lightweight elastic bands can be used to mimic the effects of the gym workout, in the home.

JEK Resistance Bandz stand apart from other similar products thanks to their unique length and width, which helps ensure both maximum functionality and comfort. They also have a built in rubber grip which helps prevent the bands rolling down your legs during exercise.

Whether used on their own, or with weights, or other home fitness equipment, these bands are the epitome of flexible fitness...lending the freedom to weave regular, effective workouts into the framework of a busy modern life.

With no less than 30.3k instagram posts dedicated to this simple yet efffective workout accessory, this is one bandwagon against which it seems (rather ironically) that futile.

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