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LAYER CAKE: With blackberry picking season now's fruit cake for the win!

Whoever said three’s a crowd, probably hadn’t tried this three layer blackberry cake concept!

The blackberry layer cake is arguably the dessert ‘du saison’, made with more freshly picked, seasonal fruit than you can shake your wooden spoon at!

If you’re lucky enough to come across some of the cascades of ready-to-pick blackberries adorning our local countryside at the moment, then rest assured this is one delicious way to get your antioxidants up, and satisfy a cake whim, all by the same token.

We used a simple sponge cake recipe and switched it up to incorporate our freshly picked blackberry crop into the mix. 

For the layered effect, use three tins, ice each one once cooled, and then layer them up to produce the ultimate fruit filled three piece sweet (see what we did there?!)

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