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Let’s go for… a random run!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

From trail running… to road running, there are so many variations of putting one foot after the other in the pursuit of fitness, but none are more curious (or questionably named) than my latest discovery.

Random Running - the kind of run you might go for on holiday. When you don’t know where you’re going, and the route is a miscellany of roads, trails, maybe even beaches... in varying quantities and order.

I have to say, as a creature of running habit, never too far off the familiar track that is… ‘round the block’, this kind of running is as uncomfortable as it is novel.

There’s an extra layer of adrenaline in play, it seems, beyond the products of exertion, and it's in this, that the small ‘running comforts’ so often taken for granted, find new-found importance.

For example, a running buddy (hello Husband!)

A personal safety device

… socks!!!

Yes, socks!

One thing I often find, is that discomfort in the form of anxiety can bring other minor irritations into much sharper focus.

Too-tight sports bras, shorts that ride up.. socks that have a funny bit of seam niggling my big toe.

With this in mind, you can appreciate the relief of having some “dash” merino wool trainer socks by Hip Swan in my holiday activewear stash!

Made with merino wool, these socks boast natural moisture wicking and anti-bacterial properties, as well as a compression arch, blister tab and cushioned toes / soles.

Even better, and perhaps most importantly to easily irritated runners like myself…they are seamless!

For the random holiday runs especially, this one advanced design feature made all the difference, both in terms of the challenge of running in a warmer climate, AND that of maintaining physical comfort... outside the comfort zone.

Sponsored by Hip Swan

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