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Let’s go to Palma…

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

If a bit of sightseeing, shopping and general soaking up of the Spanish culture takes your fancy whilst holidaying in Majorca this summer, then the Capital city Palma is certainly not to be missed.

Just a 22 minute drive from the Zafiro Palace Hotel in Palmanova, Palma is home to the imposing Santa María cathedral, a Gothic landmark begun in the 13th century, as well as the equally awe-inspiring Almudaina fortress…the first glimpse of which is a jaw-drop moment if ever there was one.!

Culture and history aside, the city itself is a shopper’s paradise, complete with High Street names such as Mango and Pull and Bear, interspersed with more boutiques, Gelato stands and artisan shops than your curiosity (and wallet) can cope with!!

With history, architecture and art on every corner, the criss-crossed, imposingly narrow streets are home to myriad of cafes and restaurants - each one an opportunity to pause and peruse the finer, easy-to-miss delights of this vibrant City.

From the ‘can art’ on the walls - to the hypnotic hubbub of al fresco diners collectively savouring the last of the day’s heat!

The heady mix of Sangria and Cathedral Bells hanging in the hot summer air…to the tiny birds hovering foot-side in the main square - all hopes pegged on one precious crumb of focaccia, making a timely mid-bite bid for freedom!

In a day trip that can be summarised by a hundred photos, it’s the sum total of these micro-moments of mindfulness, that a most memorable trip to Palma (and indeed Majorca) is made!

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