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Updated: Jul 25, 2022

There is so much about the joy of a holiday which is abstract, that sometimes (just sometimes) it helps to secure some tangible evidence of our time away… even if that something, happens to be no more than a hotel branded T Shirt.

To those who haven’t yet experienced the satisfying mix of smugness and denial that comes from dragging out ‘holiday mode’ through the medium of a crisp white ‘I woz ere’… then trust me, you’ve missed out!

After all, with clothing and memories so inextricably linked, I defy you not to re-become your carefree-holiday-self in the time it takes to superman-spin into one of these @zafirohotels numbers!

Jokes aside, there is a reason why t shirt buying is the chaser of choice for so many of those ‘been there’ moments in life.

Essentially, woven into the seams of even the most unlikely of crew-necked mementos, is the vicarious pleasure of those glorious seven days, when even shorts were too much clothing… and ‘white’ was the answer to almost every fashion question.

T shirt titillations aside, souvenirs are of course subjective.

When the day comes that not even the Daz can save my Majorcan memorabilia, I’ll of course still have the return-ticket of my iPhone camera roll, and the miniature replica of Palma harbour in all its sand-filled, snow-globed glory.

Sometimes, however, when scrolling or staring wistfully into the mock sandstorm of bygone beachy moments isn’t enough to quench the ‘take me back’ vibes… just reach for that trusty short-sleeve soul-ease, and rinse the re-wearing trend for all its meditative, emotive worth.

Alternatively, when all else fails… you’ve got yourself a useful spare gym top for when all the others are in the wash!

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