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LOCKDOWN #2: ‘Hearts are heavy, and nerves frayed’

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

It’s a new month... and the old ‘pinch, punch’ tradition seems a particularly fitting way to mark the occasion!

That feeling of being back where we were in March, comes with a very real sense of pinch-me-it’s-not-true disbelief, and represents a significant blow to the positive vibes that would usually kickstart a new month.

Hearts are heavy, and nerves frayed, with many of us having woken up with a ‘morning after the night before’ feeling that no amount of seltzer could take the edge off.

We felt it important to address this, as a foreword to November’s content calendar, so that nobody feels too alone in not being able to shake their ‘news hangover’, or in being demotivated on any (or all) levels.

Positive vibes are becoming a scarce commodity, and the deployment of happy platitudes only goes so far in terms of imparting the buoyancy we all so need right now, to keep our mood and productivity afloat.

From tomorrow, normal content will resume on here...but until then, just THIS!

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