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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Over the last year, there are many habits we’ve fallen out of…and just as many we’ve stumbled into.

Among the former, are those individual sustainability and healthy lifestyle habits that either came up against the stumbling block of COVID restrictions (eg. Reusable coffee cups) or evolved into an uphill battle of uninspiring proportions (zoom fitness.)

In contrast, many new habits that have seeped into the everyday. Worry, stress, inactivity and overwork, to name but a few - the majority of which are now deeply ingrained.

All this is why, this week, we’re directing our energies towards trying and make AND break some of the best and worst that regular behaviour has to offer.

It starts with the most ground-level basics. More fruit. More water. More rest.

By engaging with small, manageable changes, and striving for consistency over perfection, the theory of ‘active behaviour’ suggests it’s possible to programme our subconscious into a pattern of positive repetition.

At a time when many of us have a lingering, unshakable feeling of languishing in the aftermath of lockdown, the potential outcomes of ‘shaking things up’ are likely to be a bonus in whatever form they take…be them personal, or planetary!

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