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Make now… eat later!

Updated: May 18, 2023

I don’t know about you, but I find there are some dishes which always seem to taste just that little bit better when enjoyed belatedly, be it later that same day….or the following lunch time.

This Turkish Bean Salad is, by all accounts, no exception to the rule, but I’ve been trying to figure out one thing…

That is, whether this phenomenon is because a stint in the fridge allows all those yummy spices and ingredients to mingle and marinade, OR because the virtuousness of 'here's one I made earlier' can’t help but lend the dish a new, satisfying edge?

If I had to hasten a guess, I’d say it is probably a combination of both!

For those pondering how to replicate this simple yet satisfying foray into Turkish cuisine, all you’ll need are tomatoes, cucumber, canelleni beans, parsley, red onion and… most important, some California Walnuts.

As the star ingredient in this fresh and flavoursome medley, California Walnuts can take the credit for much of the nutritional credentials (including protein and brain-boosting omega 3 alpha-linolenic acid), that make it such a winner in the dinner stakes.

Once the ingredients are veiled in an emulsion of olive oil, white wine vinegar and sumac, the choice is yours whether to enjoy straight away… or, whether to wait until the fridge has worked it’s flavour-freeing magic!!

Sponsored by California Walnuts

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