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MARULA OIL: 'Unlike many other facial oils, marula oil has a light, non-greasy texture'

If you’ve always been put off facial oils, by the belief that they’re either too greasy or too heavy, then discovering Marula Oil for the first time might come as a revelation!

Unlike many other oils, marula oil has a light, non-greasy texture and a rich moisture content, making it great for oily skin types, in particular.

As a nod to the wonder that is marula oil, this week’s self-care Sunday product review is dedicated to Drunk Elephant’s Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil.

Product description:

‘This wonder-working, luxury facial oil is high in critical antioxidants tocopherol (vitamin E), tochotrienol, antioxidant polyphenols, and rich in omegas 6 and 9, helping to moisturize, rejuvenate and nourish skin while restoring a youthful glow.’

Our opinion:

‘True to its promise, this oil is quickly absorbed, making it perfect for using under your usual day cream or SPF. This oil also doesn’t have any fragrance, so for those deterred by the often pungent smell of facial oils... this one’s for you. Used regularly, it does have a smoothing effect, and as a side benefit, Drunk Elephant products are all recyclable, free from silicones and Vegan. An important point to note, as well, is that merula oil boasts antimicrobial properties, which may prove useful in helping ward off breakouts attributable to mask-wearing in the foreseeable future’

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