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'MASKNE': With face coverings now mandatory, skin problems are on the rise. So what's the solution?

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

With masks now mandatory in shops and many public places, wear time for these coverings has clocked up significantly, and often with unforeseen implications for our skin.

The combination of sweat and the hot, humid environment that exists under a mask, is proving itself a recipe for acne, itching, and rashes, to name but a few.

Quite how to avoid these problems, falls mainly into the lap of preventative skincare, along with choosing a natural and breathable mask (eg. ideally one made from 100% cotton).

Much of the advice for helping the skin adapt to these challenges centres around cleansing. It is advised to do this before and after wearing a covering, and if possible, limit use of make up and foundation, which can further clog the pores.

Maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier is also an important step in helping to prevent breakouts, and this is where RMDY CBD and Vitamin C Serum could help.

Infused with organic CBD, this product may help to restore the skin's natural moisture barriers, with added antioxidant support to help reduce inflammation on acne-prone skin.

With today being National CBD Day, it’s as good a time as any to give a much deserved nod this ingredient in respect of everyday skincare.  According to an article in Vogue, ‘it's been a long time since a single ingredient (CBD) caused such industry-wide ripples’ as CBD, and at a time when our old skincare regimes just not be cutting it, there is an eagerness to switch up what might be the skincare habits of a lifetime, in the hope of keeping some of the side effects of mask wearing at bay

To use, simply cleanse the skin, pat dry and then apply a few drops to the face and neck morning and evening.

Sponsored by RMDY CBD

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