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‘More than half of us are eating just SIX different meals on a loop’

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

With restaurants currently closed, the joy of being able to enjoy a wide range of cuisines - on demand - seems but a distant memory.

It was a luxury once taken for granted, and it’s something that is craved now more than ever, especially as the monotony of our own recipe repertoire begins to wear increasingly thin.

According to @kitchenaid_uk, more than half of us are eating just SIX different meals on a loop, which only adds to the dream that a meal out would be right now!

To help escape this rut and reshape our lockdown mealtime habits, it is temporarily down to our own cooking skills, to keep the joy of ‘eating out’ alive!

For this, there’s no better inspiration than our favourite eateries themselves. Granted, recreating the food and experience is no easy feat, but every now and then, a menu features a dish that is simple enough to swipe and make our own!

Take this baked aubergine dish, with pomegranate seeds, red chilli, fresh mint, coriander, pistachio and molasses... for example!

Granted, we’d prefer to be eating it at Comptoir Libanais, but for the time being, we’ll settle for the copycat version whilst biding our time (and tastebuds) for their grand reopening!

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