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MUG HUGS: ‘A favourite mug is a powerful thing...for comfort AND wellbeing’

We all know that cosy, warm feeling you get when sitting down to a mug of tea of coffee.

It’s a ritual that is relied upon for waking up, winding down, and everything in between.

Admittedly, it would be all easy to pin this effect on caffeine, or the special compounds found in tea, perhaps!?

Instead, though, much of this ‘hug in a mug’ effect can be credited to the vessel itself, and not just the brew it contains.

A favourite mug, after all, is a powerful thing.

So much so, in fact, that quite often, hot drinks just don’t taste the same when served in anything else.

We ascribe great value to a mug which has continuity with our past, tastes and maybe memories of people, places...and times gone by.

As one of life’s small but significant constants, a favourite mug oozes comfort, security and the feels you’d think were beyond the capabilities of crockery.

If sipping a hot beverage from a trusty mug is part of your cozy, comforting routine, then this is probably something to be embraced now more than ever.

After all, we’re all looking for small, everyday ways of maintaining buoyancy in these turbulent times...and let’s face it, what better than a Peter Rabbit mug and a LBP technicolour biscuit to do the job?!

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