Mulled tea please!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Bonfire night might well be on the back-burner for this year (like everything else), but that’s not to say we can’t use the occasion to add a bit of sparkle to what otherwise looks set to be fairly quiet, non-eventful lockdown evening in!

Sipping hot chocolate and marshmallows in the cold night air will be, for many of us, the bliss most-missed when tonight comes around.

Luckily, however, this is the one Guy Fawkes indulgence on which we can still hang some hopes of a fun, cosy night *in*!

For those who find this classic combo a touch on the sickly side, mulled tea might just be the perfect (healthy) alternative.

Made in a similar way to mulled wine, but using tea in place of your favourite red, this it the grown up hug-in-a-mug, with just enough of festive undertones to give us the warm, fuzzy feels we need more than ever right now!

But what about the marshmallows, I hear you say?

For the sweet toothed and young at heart, melted mallows are where tonight’s celebrations are at, so why not add yours into your favourite cookie recipe (in the absence of being able to toast them on a fire) and settle for a yummy melty-middle treat for your tea instead!

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