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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

With Easter just around the corner, Instagram has no shortage of chocolate-themed delights to tickle our fancy!

At the risk of being all choc-egged-out from the get-go, however, we’ve decided on a ‘slowly does it’ approach to Sugar Rush Season... starting with these, WHOLEMEAL ROLO COOKIES!!

As always, we’re of the stance that balance, variety and moderation are all-important, with this recipe, in particular, a *tasty* testament to the idea in practice!

Made from wholemeal flour and mixed seeds, they are the perfect compromise for when healthy vibes and chocolate-cravings clash... as they so often do!

These are treats... tweaked, and perhaps a resolution to that age-old last Rolo dilemma, if nothing else! ♥️

For the recipe, head over to our stories now!

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