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Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Rolled oats, soaked while you sleep, top the list of low fuss, nutritious breakfast ideas, and their speed and sustenance isn’t even the best bit…

Alongside the slow-release carbohydrates, the fibre, and the no-cooking-required convenience, overnight oats are a blank canvas for the kind of creativity that breakfast goals are made.

The kind of creativity that leads to…. ALMOND FUDGE OVERNIGHT OATS!

Although one of the most mouthwatering examples of soaked-oat potential, we hasten to add, the carbs can’t take all the credit for pulling this one off!

The winning edge, instead, comes from the lashings of Two Nods Nut Butter, and the almond fudge incentive this ‘secret ingredient’ brings to breakfast table.

Boasting useful amounts of Vitamin Yum, matched with protein, good fats and B Vitamins, Two Nods Nut Butters have what it takes to turn brekkie boredom on it’s head, with an inspired range that also includes Chocolate Hazelnut, Chunky Peanut and Cashew Jalapeño.

For overnight oats, toast, and even cooking and baking, the unique flavour profile of these nut butters makes them unrivalled in their ability to make basic food…better.

It comes from a commitment to simple ingredients, from the best possible sources, with no additives or extenders. Add to this, Two Nods’ commitment to transparency and sustainability, and there’s some extra peace of mind in that extra dollop of the PNB…if ever we needed it!

Sponsored by Two Nods Nut Butter

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