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‘Picky Tea’ for the win!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Some days, cooking dinner just seems like a drag!

It’s as much as we can do to make a decision on what to cook, let alone muster the motivation to see it though!

On these days, there’s possibly no better solution than a low fuss, ‘picky dinner.’

There’s just something about this ‘indoor picnic’ concept, which can turn even the simplest of ingredients...into something to be savoured.

By bringing ‘floor culture’ and mindfulness (TVs & phones strictly off) into the dinner equation, it’s an idea whose appeal hinges as much on psychology (the grounding effect of, well...sitting on the ground!!) as it does on nutrition.

Speaking of nutrition, this is an evening meal concept which can be adapted to many and varied tastes and dietary requirements, Vegan and free-from included!

Finally, while it helps to be mindful of quality (think tomatoes, grapes, celery, olives... all the salad!!), the main advantage possibly comes from the magic which flows when habit and formalities...are replaced with a glass of red and a #carpetpicnic on a Tuesday night!

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