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Picnic for one...for the win!

It’s one of life’s great misconceptions…

The idea that a 'picnic' somehow needs to a big, blanket-banquet affair, in order to fully qualify for all that al-fresco lunching has to offer!

Quite to the contrary, I actually believe it’s possible to count on (and probably carry in) one hand, all the ingredients that it takes to pull off the perfect picnic-for-one, on an impromptu weekday afternoon.

The only caveat to the absence of quantity is, however... quality.

That one and only sandwich… it's got to be a good one!

That bottle of Frobishers' finest... make it ice cold!

Next...find the perfect shady spot.

Bring the best book!

This kind of attention to detail might look pernickety, from an outsiders perspective.

If, however, you’re a self-confessed soft drink snob like myself, easily won over by the joy that is a glass bottle, steeped with the condensation of summer sunshine, then the delight of this little apple and mango number needs no explanation.

Especially as well also contains just three simple ingredients. Crushed apple, Alphonso mango juice, and a dash of water.

I could easily wax poetic about it all day - the virtues of the micro-picnic.

After all, what the concept apparently lacks in nibbley bits and all those obligatory dips, it more than makes up for in its soul-recharging simplicity - and surely that’s gotta be deserving of a little ‘air’ time!?

Sponsored by Frobishers

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