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PIE & THE SKY: Coffee shops might be take-away only, but all is not lost!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Of all the uplifting activities at our disposal this lockdown, few have quite as much pick-me-up power as a good dose of fresh air and festiveness!

A coffee and mince pie to go is - for now at least - the only way of syphoning off some of that much-sought-after seasonal atmosphere which places such as cafes and restaurants are renowned for at this time of year.

Though not quite the same as cosying up, cup in hand, by a coffee shop Christmas Tree, the enforced outdoor time DOES have some distinct advantages...or so it pays to convince ourselves!

From lending the opportunity to watch the world go by, coupled with a much needed Vitamin D boost, there is a chance that the restrictions might, just might, allow us to blag us the best seat in the house....even if it is the chilliest!

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