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Playing Tourist: ‘It’s exciting, inspiring, mind-blowing and life-affirming all at once’

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

The prerogative to ‘play tourist’ is something that comes with the territory of visiting any new country, city or town.

All at once it can be exciting, inspiring, mind-blowing and life-affirming, and it’s this miscellany of emotions and take-homes that makes the ‘travel bug’ so easy to catch… and so hard to lose!

To mark the occasion of #worldtourismday, I’ve put together a ‘top five’ for places to visit in Palma (although this is just a small snippet of what you could and should pack into your Palma itinerary if you happen to have the time and wherewithal)

The full blog post on #daytripping to Palma is also linked in the bio now and is available at thereafter.

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