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POT LUCK: ‘Utilising what’s to hand is the key to stretching our ingredients further’

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Finding more ease in the kitchen, is something that the last few weeks of cooking chaos have probably created a very real need for!

After all, the alternative of spending hours pouring over recipes, rarely lends itself to the time limitations of post-Christmas life.

The solution, in part, is to master the art of cooking improvisation.

In other words, the ability to go rogue from recipes, by drawing on an understanding of how to mix, match and work from scratch.

Utilising what’s to hand, and getting by with whatever isn’t, is the key to stretching our ingredients further, so that we can in turn save time and money... and maybe even improve our nutrition in the process.

Of course, it does help to have the staples at the ready, but arguably the most important thing to have in stock, is a history of trying and testing...and maybe a bit of luck!

Taking existing recipes, and swapping out new and different ingredients that might work as well, if not better... is as good as a starting point as any.

So, in the interests of improvisation, we’ve kickstarted the #scrapstosupper challenge with last night’s roast dinner leftovers, a tin of beans and some gravy, cooked in a pot for 40 minutes! (Click here for the how-to.)

It sounds questionable, but tastes delicious! #honestly

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