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Raising the bar!

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Not so long ago, I had one of those ‘what am I even doing?’ moments, whilst nonchalantly devouring a kids' snack bar, and desperately trying to remember the last time I included MYSELF in any of my strategic snack packing plans!

The answer, was probably not in the last 7 years.

Reflecting on this sorry state of my snacking affairs, I resolved to do better, and afford myself the same degree of fore-planning that I do for my snacks-are-life-minded offspring.

The answer to this levelling-up resolution laid, to my surprise, in a handbag stash of Australia's favourite gut-friendly protein bars - Fodbods.

Packed with natural ingredients, the flavours include Peanut Choc Chunk, Lemon Coconut , Banana Peanut  Double Choc , Mint Choc and Raspberry Coconut.

A delicious departure from the kids snack standard I had become accustomed to, these tummy-friendly treats have been a game-changer, to say the least.

Not just for nutrition and energy… and avoiding the running-on-empty plight that motherhood ensues, but also (and perhaps more importantly) for that bigger-picture challenge that comes from trying to extricate 'self-care'…from the hungry jaws of after-thought.

Pssst... one more thing!

Fodbods also make a range of allergy friendly bars called Buddies which are great for adults AND kids, making them the perfect for those days out and trips where you don't want to compromise between healthy snack-prep and packing light!

For 10% discount on the Fodbods range use code HM10.

Sponsored by Fodbods

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