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Reasons to be Chia-full!

Updated: Mar 28

Muffins - they’re the ultimate multitasker!

Equally good for breakfast, as they are for ellevenses.

For this unique adaptability, muffins don’t get enough credit.

What they also don’t get enough of, in my opinion, is recognition for just how good a medium they are, for disguising health-giving ingredients.

For the longest time, I’ve been stealthily sneaking veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts into my muffin mix, in the hope that this small change, might ultimately amount to a big difference on the nutrient-intake scale.

This has evolved further still, in recent weeks, with a little help from chia seed brand Chia Bia, whose milled chia seeds are an easy, delicious way to make bake-days… better!

Rich in plant based omega 3 fats and protein, a little goes a long way, with its subtle nutty flavour lending well to myriad of recipes… including these Banana Bruffins (banana bread muffins, to you and I.)

Simply fold into the mixture, or otherwise use freely between bake days, by sprinkling on yoghurt or muesli, or blending into smoothies.

Sponsored by Chia Bia

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