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Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Everyone has one…albeit perhaps the reserve of only a handful or very special occasions.

Resting beach face - though phonetically similar - is a million miles from the side-eyed, stroppy stereotype we know…and don’t love.

It’s cool, calm and collected, and the reason why ‘holiday me’ is infinitely less likely to cause inadvertent offence, than the back-home ‘me’ without four coffees and a morning nap on her side.

It’s also the reason, why holiday photos always seem to boast a certain, shall we say…je ne sais quoi!!

An implication of something being different, but in a can’t-quite-put-a-finger-on-it way.

Contrary to easy, breezy appearances, however, there’s a definite art to mastering ‘resting beach face.’ One that annoyingly seems to make it the reserve of the far-flung, flopped out few, I might add.

This secret sauce, if I had to guess, involves a generous dose of sand, a handful of sleep, and a world of cyberspace added between you, and anyone who might so much as DARE to suggest ‘touching base.’

Mix all ingredients well, leave for several hours, and voila…the perfect smile-to-sleepy-eye ratio, and not a contour brush in sight.

The benefits, it’s worth noting, are two-pronged, and relate to the direct wellness gains of a frown turned upside-down, just as much as the social opportunities of when misunderstood…becomes Miss Understood.

This formula, if we only could bottle it, would surely be the stuff of duty-free dreams.

A no-cost, spirited souvenir, with take-home potential beyond that of any not-likely-to-ever-be-opened Ouzo…but with sadly just as much chance of NOT making it through the airport experience intact!

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