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S’cone in 60 seconds!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

With the arrival of Afternoon Tea Week, the humble scone is, once again, getting to enjoy its annual moment in the sunshine!

I have to say, I’m thrilled for it… and also relishing in the extra excuse that this once-a-year observation has provided, to stock up on some of Cornwall’s home-made finest!

Fresh from the Cornish Scone Company, these fruit and plain scones arrive individually wrapped and packed in their own handy hamper-for-one (or two… if sharing is your thing!)

Inside, you’ll also find all the tea, jam and clotted cream you’ll ever need for the perfect picnic-come-afternoon-tea - the beauty of which isn’t just in the informality of what is - ordinarily speaking - an experience cloaked in etiquette!

Far removed from this world of tea strainers and lap napkins, there’s a jam-dolloping freedom to be, well…just a little bit extra! 

Extra jam. Extra cream… 

Extra reasons to LOVE 3pm! 

I say 3pm very loosely, as the reality is… the Cornish Scone Company has made it possible to enjoy a classic afternoon treat at anytime, anywhere.

In the garden, in rare moment of school holiday calm, for example, or even in the office, where ironically, not even the shackles of a jam-packed schedule can now stand between me ...and the strawberry conserve!

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