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Self Care Sunday: ‘As a small-batch natural and organic skincare brand, Lena Wild had us at hello!’

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Every now and then, we happen to stumble across a beauty brand that stands apart from the rest, bringing that little bit of something extra to the skincare equation.

Today, it’s a shout out to Lena Wild, makers of the ‘Harmony Bloom Oil’ which - for performance and ethics - tops our list of hero skincare products worthy of a self-care Sunday shoutout.

Product description:

‘A harmonising blend of organically grown plant oils and CO2-extracted Nordic berries. Sea Buckthorn, Cranberry and Blackcurrant help smooth the complexion and restore balance. This lightweight, nutrient-rich formula leaves skin feeling soft, supple and helps promote its true radiance.

Our opinion:

‘As a small-batch natural and organic skincare brand, Lena Wild had us at hello! We appreciate that the company prioritises the environment, just as much as quality in ingredients, and so much so that even their labels are ‘tree-less’ - made from cotton by-products from the fashion industry instead of paper! In terms of performance, this product is one of the few facial oils that is suitable for acne-prone skin, bypassing the greasiness you’d normally associate with skin oils. As if this doesn’t make it relevant enough, in these maskne-prone times, there’s also a subtle hint of lavender to the oil, which if you’re feeling stressed, lends a much-needed element of calm to your morning and evening skincare routine.’

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