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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

September has many alliterations (Sustainable September, Sourdough September... to name but a few!), but none are quite so likely to raise an eyebrow as the newly coined (by me!!)….


Altruists…turn away now, for this idea might not sit so well with the people-pleasing population of social media.

Contrary to first impressions, however, there is more to this concept of taking a month of self-gratification, than the ‘me, myself and I’ motives might suggest.

From my perspective, September 2022 represents the first time in 7 YEARS, that I am able to say out loud, without provisos…’my time is my own!’

With both children now officially at school, that big, unanswered, life-altering question hangs quizzically above my head….

‘What do I want to do?!’

If it was possible to double capitalise that central ‘I’… I would, just for effect, as there's a power in that first person pronoun, that I had forgotten could feel so autonomous!

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the possibilities of this new era are endless, but the very fact that there are, indeed, possibilities… is in itself an alien yet exciting concept.

The opportunity to work!

To work in a coffee shop, even

To go to the gym on my ‘lunch break’

To take a lunch break…

What I have found interesting, when plotting the details of my designed ‘selfish phase’, is that none of what features on the list, really constitutes ‘self-indulgent’ at all.

None of it requires any form of sacrifice, compromise or guilt.

There’s no trade off against time with my children.

They, in fact, will be blissfully unaffected by this new-found concentration that I’m applying, to my own personal and professional advantage.

From this regard, it’s maybe not so much 'Selfish September' at all, but instead just a September...of Self, ish!!

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