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Skinimalism: If ever there was a beauty trend worth buying into… it’s this one!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

As a perpetual peddler of the ‘less is more’ narrative, there aren’t many ‘make up trends’ that I feel compelled to get on board with… but for the latest ‘Skinimalism’ craze, I’ll make a welcome exception.

Skinimalism is all about the ‘barely there’ look, and shifts the #beautyhack spotlight onto the canvas, and away from the paint!

This, in itself, piqued my interest more than a little, and not least because the last few years have seen me grow increasingly unconvinced by the secret weapon that supposedly is...a smokey eye!

This dark, heavy look, which once seemed to ooze sultry glamour, suddenly began to feel too ‘try hard’, too harsh, and was actually proving counterintuitive to the confidence that it had once been a spring board for.

I liken it to an eyeliner ‘ick’, and it begged the kind of ‘what now!?’ questions that always abound whenever a ‘go-to’ ceases to be such.

Whilst pondering this dilemma, Jones Road Miracle Balm appeared as if by ‘suggested post’ magic.

It’s not often I spill digital ink on shameless product plugs, but this multi-purpose balm was too stand-out not to be honoured with a blog-shaped testimonial!

Soft, subtle and buildable, Miracle Balm is the make up for people who’ve gone off make up.

I watched a LOT of videos on this product before taking the plunge, as it was hard to tell, from all the studio demos, how the shades would translate onto individual skin tones.

Finally, a solution presented in the form of a multi-pack of minis, and I have to say, I’m now kind of glad I didn’t invest in the shade that I would have gone for, without the benefit of these little tester pots.

Turns out, my somewhat pale complexion loves the darker shades that I originally dismissed from the descriptions on the website.

One of these - 'Sunkissed’ - has a name that doesn’t quite do justice to the day-on-the-beach dewyness that just a few dabs gives to the skin.

The best bit though, is that it doubles up as an eyeshadow AND lip balm, making it perfect for newbie Skinimalists like me, whose capsule make up bag ambitions are becoming increasingly underpinned, by a ‘bare’ minimum of miracle-working, multi-tasking products.

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