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SOUPED UP! Whatever the problem, soup is the solution!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021



Under the weather?

Whatever the problem, soup is the solution.

With potential to nourish on a nutritional AND emotional level, it’s no wonder stews and broths look set to be hot stuff this autumn/winter!

As a side from the nutrition and comfort credentials, home-made soups also make light work of individual sustainability efforts, including eating less meat, and wasting less food.

With Vegetarian Month beginning today, and the #leftoversforlunch movement gathering force, there’s arguably no better time to rediscover the joy of whatever cream-of-concoction takes your fancy!


Potato and leek?

Broccoli and Stilton, with yesterday’s leftover gem squash mixed in for good measure?

When it comes to soup-making, the beauty is… there’s no hard and fast rules, and with endless opportunity for stumbling across new and exciting flavour combinations… there’s hope for even soup sceptics, to be bowled over yet!

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