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Spring Eats: Is the Buddha Bowl about to make a comeback?

Updated: Mar 28

If the burgeoning signs of spring are anything to go by, then ‘Buddah Bowl season’ might be just around the corner… finally!

I have to say, it’s been a long time since this one-bowl wonder has featured on my lunch radar, but it's an absence which has only fuelled my fondness for throwing myriad of ingredients together… and calling it a meal!

To officially kick-start the protein-packing proceedings, I've teamed up with fruit brand OrchardWorld who - as one of the leading purveyors of fresh fruits in the UK - know a thing or two about bringing five-a-day to fruition.

As an example of how much recipe potential lies within their product range, I've opted to re-create their most popular Royal Gala Apple Buddha Bowl, as demonstrated here.

The recipe takes approximately one hour, but because it makes four small servings, it lends well to the concept of 'batch cooking' that so much of my time-stretched, healthy eating ambitions revolve around.

The best bit of all, however, is that the finished salad succeeds in being wholesome but not heavy. A fruity, crunchy, zesty miscellany of health-giving ingredients… that’s sure to ‘bowl’ over even the salad sceptics who are yet to jump on the Buddha Bowl bandwagon!

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