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STAR BAKER: Ready brek gingerbread steals the show this Christmas

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

In the event that the ‘stay home’ message has translated into a penchant for home baking (again!), you’ll know the frustration of running out of flour mid-recipe, ESPECIALLY when your heart is set on festive gingerbread!

It happens to the best of us, but luckily there’s a cereal cupboard staple that can save the day when your Tuesday treats are hanging in the balance!

When used in place of flour, of half and half if you prefer, Ready Brek gives festive gingerbread a new and interesting edge, coupled with more useful vitamins, minerals and fibre than using flour alone.

At a time when doing things differently has become the story of everyday life, Ready Brek gingerbread is a fitting example of how going against the grain (no pun intended), can sometimes pay off!

In this case, the reward is as much in being spared the queue for the supermarket, as it is in having something delicious to dunk in your tea!

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