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SUITCASE SAVIOURS: Heading away this summer? Don’t forget the snacks!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

When it comes to packing for holiday, everyone has their unique set of non-negotiables that they simply can’t leave home without.

Coffee bags


A favourite pillow

Claire’s Amazeballs

Mostly, these ‘essentials’ centre around the need to maintain SOME form of continuity with home, whilst simultaneously leaning into the glorious unknown and adventure that comes with precious time away.

Part of this, comes down to exercising some degree of control over our energy and nutrition - something for which a travel-friendly box of Claire’s Amazeballs in with the tea bags, scarcely goes amiss.

Claire’s Amazeballs 100% natural, vegan energy balls are the perfect bizesize hunger-buster, helping a wholesome snacking strategy make the transition from home… to holiday.

Packed with the natural goodness of nuts, seeds and whole food ingredients, and with Great Taste award stars to their name, they are ideal for those too-early-for-lunch moments of peckishness, when arguably nothing beats the keep-you-going power of a good ol’ cuppa Peppermint…and a Cranberry Brazil Ball!

If you’re planning on heading away this summer, Claire’s Amazeballs make it easy to get snack-ready before you go, with delivery options available weekly, twice a month or monthly.

The five main flavours (available separately or as a mixed box) include Cranberry Brazil, Apricot & Hazelnut Cacao, Ginger Cashew, Lemon Turmeric and Baobab Cacao, with the latest seasonal Strawberries and Cream flavour recently added to the collection.

Boxes are available to order individually, or if you’d rather a regular supply to your door, or for a friend or loved one, you can subscribe and save at

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