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Summer - a last hurrah!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023


If August were a fruit, it would probably be…a lemon!

Sweet, refreshing…but a little bitter, nonetheless.

The bitterness, of course, comes from that inalienable reality that beneath August’s (mostly) sunny exterior…there’s a sombre last hurrah for summer, waiting in the wings.

Ironically, there seems no more fitting way to lean into this reality, and soak up every last drop of dandelion sun scorch season, than by sipping an ice cold Frobishers Sicilian Lemonade in the shade… while I still can.

This deliciously dry and light beverage is made from Sicilian lemon juice and a blend of botanical extracts, including juniper and lemon oil for a crisp taste.

The ingredients speak to the heart of anti-aspartame advocates such as myself, who believe in the right to enjoy a soft drink on a sunny day… without the bitter aftertaste of those sugar-tax shenanigans.

For this reason, you could say that my lowly lemonade-sipping habit - it’s maybe as much about refreshment, as it is about my overriding life's mission to be more ‘simple-centric.’

To become more concerned with the uncomplicated pleasures of summer, and drink from the spring of low-fuss, whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

Of course, it helps that this particular 'spring' is a thirst-quenching dynamo of Italian-inspired sunshine - the holiday vibes of which are surely enough to put paid to any talks of Autumn impending...for now!

Sponsored by Frobishers

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