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It might look like a great idea on paper, but let’s be honest….


Of course, I’m being facetious in downplaying the joy and health benefits of this most popular pastime, and know it’s intended as a backhanded nod to the importance of ‘each to their own’, rather than an all-out thumbs down to outdoor pursuits.

This prerogative to NOT enjoy all the things, all the time, is something that it’s easy to lose sight of, especially in today’s everything-is-amazing culture!

In reality, footslogging for fun is an acquired taste, and one that we’re not obliged to enjoy, nomatter how much the picture perfect face of the #hikerlife suggests we should.

Yes, there probably ARE many perks to being a bonafide member of the Alltrails aficionado, but on a cold November day, I’d be inclined to say the lack of coffee shops isn’t one of them!

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