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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Now more than ever, those New Year platitudes of ‘owning’, ‘bossing’ or ‘smashing’ the everyday, seem to be missing the mark when it comes to both motivation… and morale.

This shift is such, that you could even go so far as to say that ‘hustle culture’ has become just a little bit, well…’cheugy’!

(That’s ‘off trend’, to you and I)!!

Under normal New Year’s circumstances, we’d be the first to jump on this week’s observation event - House Plant Awareness Week - and peddle the plant parent narrative in all it’s air-cleansing, stress-suppressing glory.

However, mindful that the last thing we need right now, is another thing to add to the ‘to buy’ list - let alone the ‘to look after’ list - we’re instead using THIS lovely (albeit slightly small) plant, as a metaphor…much less a ‘must-have.’

House plants - aside from their obvious advantages for health - have much to teach us about ‘survive or thrive’ mechanics!

It’s a little known fact, that in large pots, plants naturally expend far more below-the-soil energy than is necessary or helpful, for that thing we like to call ‘growth!’

By a similar vein, our own potential can be significantly lessened, by becoming too embroiled in the vast vessel of health trends, hacks and buzzwords!

A smaller pot might well defy bigger-is-better convention, but what it can do, is make the difference between blooming… and burnout.

This is the #thursdaythought this House Plant Awareness Week, and it’s a reminder of two very important points: Firstly, the virtues of embracing plant parenthood (or not), and secondly, how hopefully to not let January’s seeds of positivity and reinvention … go to pot! 🪴

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