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The Alternative 3 Pose Challenge

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

When ‘relaxation’ doesn’t come easy, managing to sit still even just for ten minutes…well, it can feel like a big accomplishment!

In the grand scheme of ‘things to be proud of’, I appreciate that boycotting one’s own habitual busyness, represents a rather a niche ‘win.’

It’s certainly not the usual stuff of back-pats and high fives, put it that way!

However, to those of an always-on disposition, for whom relaxation and overthinking are inextricably linked, know that finding the will power to step away from the to-do list and JUST. CHILL.OUT… it’s a big thing!

With National Spa Week beginning next week, ‘chill time’ is officially having a moment, and while the wherewithal to down tools isn’t always a given, this observation is but a welcome wake-up call…

To all my fellow frenzy-fiends, therefore, know that the ‘on pause’ pose is as worthy of being proud of, as running on a capitalistic schedule… even if like me, you’re still ‘learning to love’ a bit of therapeutic thumb-twiddling!

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