Updated: May 19, 2021

No, we’re not talking about the weather, though you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, given the number of jumpers we’re currently wearing!!

Instead, we’re talking about that (relatively) new freezing hack that’s sweeping social media, and which promises to help save on food waste AND satisfy our taste for healthy, decadent spring snacks (if only we had some sunshine to enjoy them in!)


It’s a simple idea that offers an easy way to transform your leftover yoghurt and fruit into something that grown ups and kids alike will love!


Simply mix the two together, spread onto a lined baking tray (approx. 1cm thick) and freeze for 2 hours.

One of the main advantages of this idea, is that it allows for waste saving without placing an onus on cooking or baking – something which the busy day-to-day scarcely allows for in the time it takes for fruit to pass its best.


Of all the how-tos doing the rounds, @thebodycoach’ seems to come up trumps on google, but the beauty of this concept arguably lies most in its flexibility to work ‘off recipe’... and with many and varied ingredients (fruit, seeds, nuts... granola?).

Once the mixture has set, simply snap, crack and pop it in a snack pot... to enjoy or freeze until a later (warmer) date!! #rollonsummer

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