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‘The dark mornings and even darker evenings, are but a passing inconvenience’

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Just think…

In little over 30 days time, it will still be light at 6pm!!

It’s easy to forget, when you’re navigating the dense thicket of winter, that the dark mornings and even darker evenings… are but a passing inconvenience.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise (but every year it does) that almost all of a sudden, as if out of nowhere - there’s life after 5pm!

The curtains are still open, your phone is pinging with after-work-drink invitations, and the parks and pavements ooze with the new-found appeal of evening runs!

With most of us by now scraping the bottom of the winter motivation barrel, the ‘spring is coming’ carrot is one that couldn’t have been dangled at a better time, to help see us through this final leg of the season!

30 days and counting!!

Now if that’s not music to your frost-bitten ears, I’ll eat my hat!

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