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The GRATE Reinvention: If summer did comfort would look like this!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

We might be about 4 months too early to start dishing out the macaroni cheese, but the small matter of summertime sometimes isn’t enough to deter those comfort food cravings.

Quite the opposite, in fact, particularly when nobody really knows what month we are in anyway!!

Granted, hot melting cheese might not always befit a summer’s evening, but throw in some crunchy sourdough and token salad ingredients, and what you have is a comparatively lighter bite than you’d expect from such a classic carb fest recipe.

The main ingredient, Gradz Sourdough, is a unique, hand-crafted loaf, which is fermented to produce a bread which is more digestible than standard commercial bread.

This makes it a good option when creating the kind of recipe that post-training dreams are made of!

Yes, it might contravene square meal tradition, but we all know that squares are there to be thought outside of... now more than ever!

Sponsored by Gradz

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