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The green mile… and a half!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

As expected, there’s a lot of #gymgoals noise echoing through the social chambers moment.

As useful as this can be sometimes, there is just as much to be said for going rogue on the regimented regimes, and opting instead for a more relaxed, ‘what you can, when you can’ approach.

This tact, while the antithesis of the ‘fitness perfectionism’ so often folded into the New Year’s overhauls, certainly has its advantages.

For starters, it holds you to a low bar, which means a sense of accomplishment prevails, no matter how few miles you manage!

For this reason alone, we’re championing the ‘something’s better than nothing’ Sunday. The ‘that’ll do’ workouts that have aggregate gains, beyond the sum of those short but sweet minutes!

Leaning into this trend, there’s nothing like a pair of Love Leggings shape-retaining sports leggings, to show sluggishness who’s boss!

Love Leggings ‘Energise’ leggings are made from sweat-wicking compression fabric, with a high rise waistband, 4-way stretch AND… (wait for it)…

not one but FOUR practical pockets!

For motivational as well as practical purposes, it’s safe to say these leggings go the extra mile… even if you don’t want to!

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