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The joy of… new perfume!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Perfume - like all the best finishing touches - is about the feeling, just as much as the fragrance!

Just one spritz at the end of a grooming ritual, so often makes the difference between feeling ready… and feeling ‘on point,‘ and this is just one of the reasons we LOVE new perfume season, sorry… Christmas!

This festive season, we’re officially bringing our sprAy game (#sorrynotsorry) thanks to the latest dressing table addition from Kayali!

Described as ‘a mouth-watering fusion of crisp and juicy red apples, sweet berries and fresh floral notes’, Kayali is the antethesis of a ‘winter scent’, but it’s won us over BECAUSE of this… not in spite of it!

A heady concoction of January denial in a bottle, this burst of summer fruit is everything our sun-starved senses need, and with key notes including Red Apple, Blackcurrant, Pink Grapefruit, Lychee and Wild Berries, it arguably brings new meaning the the old ‘five a day’ adage!

This isn’t the only convention Kayali is quashing, however, as they are also leading the way in fragrance ‘layering’, whilst also boasting a Vegan friendly, red-hot bottle that we’re more than pleased to give ‘pride of purse’ this winter!

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