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‘The nature of running makes it a useful activity for spotting conservation opportunities‘

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

One of the perks of running, is that it opens our eyes to nature’s many nuances, the delights of which might - in any other context - easily pass us by!

The bees. The birds. The blooms...

It’s all thanks to this keen ‘runner’s eye’ - constantly engaged on the path ahead - that pounding the pavement is the interactive, technicolour experience we know and love.

It’s this dimension, as well, that makes it potentially useful for spotting conservation opportunities - particularly when it comes to our busy bee friends!

In the past, if we so happened to cross paths with a stranded bee while pounding the pavement (a common sight at this time of year), we’d probably scarcely have had the resources to offer any form of support!

Until now...that is!

Thanks to the Beevive keyring, runners can now revive tired bees on their travels, all thanks to this handy vial of sugar water solution.

Like humans, bees need water, which is essential for them to make food for their young, and keep their hive cool and humid.

As the must-have accessory for runners this spring, having a Beevive bee reviver kit in a back pocket means thirsty bees have a better chance of getting the roadside assistance they need, to continue their mission pollinating planet Earth.

Now, if that doesn’t have the making of a new personal best...nothing does!

Sponsored by Beevive

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