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The Only Way is OAT

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

The switch to plant-based milk is often driven by many reason, ranging from concerns around health, to the environment... to ethics.

It’s a shift that is particularly marked among women and the under 25s, but behind every person who’s converted to the oat side, there’s often a partner or house mate who’s standing firm on the semi-skimmed.

However, those accidental, inevitable lapses in coffee-making concentration, and the resultant vegan-coffee-by-stealth, can often be a turning point.

The point at which the habit of a lifetime gets turned on it’s ‘I’d-never-go-plant-based’ head!

‘What’s in this coffee!?’

‘Oops... it’s oat milk!’

‘’s not that bad after all!’

(Resists urge to say ‘I told you so!’)

‘Oat milk you say?’

And the rest, as they say, is history.

One less milk drinker might not seem significant, but it’s a nod to a much wider movement which promises far-reaching benefits.... environmentally and personally.

With a glass of dairy milk creating almost three times the greenhouse gas emissions of any alternative milk in its production, according to The University of Oxford, it’s clear to see where the advantages stem from.

In fact, the milk you choose accounts for two thirds of a cup of coffee’s carbon footprint, although other factors such as how much you fill your kettle/the type of kettle you use are still important.

Land use and greenhouse gas emissions for oat milk are about 80% lower than for cow’s milk, and aside from being the most climate friendly plant milk, oat milk is arguably also the most palatable and versatile, particularly when it comes to use in hot drinks.

It’s easy to see, with this in mind, how a chance sip of an oat milk americano might be what plants the seed for dairy-free in more people than would have considered it beforehand.

With brands such as Oatly and Minor Figures leading the way in this oat revolution, there’s arguably never been quite so much buzz surrounding World Plant Milk Day... which falls today!

For more details on this event, or how to join thousands of people around the world for the 7 day dairy-free challenge beginning today, visit

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